The Leaders of NPFPU whom met their monthly meeting on Tuesday have decided to launch unending campaign on Indian Trawler issue and to find ways to address issues faced by the fishing communities. While organizing campaign they expect to propose a development plan which the fishers drafted last few months coĺlectively.

Most interestingly, the fisher leaders are expected to organize the World Fisheries Day in Jaffna on 21 st November. In that they expect the collaboration from Southern and Eastern fisheries and other organizations.

(Photo credit: NAFSO)

(Photo credit: NAFSO)

At the begining they will meet their parlimentarians in their own constituencies of Vanni, Jaffna and Mannar districts in September.

As the next step, the NPFPU will collectively meet the all parliamentarians, Provincial councilors in northern province in October.

Importantly, the next possible step is to collective effort of common campaign of northern fishers with southern groups on Worldisheries day, 21st November.

As a logical end of the campaign there will be a group of leaders are visiting Tamil Nadu and will have a dialogue with the leadership there.

So the campaign is as follows;
. Meet each district parliamentarians in September by district samasam,
. Meet all northern province parlimentarians together in October as collective northern province unity in Vavunia,
. Celebrate World Fisheries Day on 21st November both NPFPU and Southern civil society organizations together in Jaffna district,
. NPFPU leaders visit Tamil Nadu organizations and authorities in November.