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CAWI welcomes people’s movements, federations, alliances, associations, trade unions, non-governmental organisations and other support network representing or working for the interest of agricultural workers, peasants, plantation workers, small farmers, Dalits, indigenous peoples and fisherfolks.

Become a Volunteer

Coalition of Agricultural Workers (CAWI) invites talented and dedicated volunteers of all ages to be part of the CAWI volunteer’s network.

CAWI takes on the issues of land and resources, rural women, migrant workers, worker’s rights and occupational safety and hazard. Extensive travel may be required of the Volunteer/s.

Volunteers with the following skills are very much welcome:

  1. Photo and video documenters
  2. Online media enthusiasts and practitioners
  3. Artists and writers
  4. Health workers and Medical Doctors
  5. Translators and interpreters
  6. Human rights advocates
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Your support will be used to fund the operation of the CAWI Secretariat, which is currently based in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The main function of the Secretariat is to oversee the day-to-day operations of the coalition. It shall also be responsible for releasing public statements in behalf of CAWI, facilitating the exchange of information among CAWI members, maintaining the CAWI website and other platforms of public and internal communication, and other tasks that the Steering Council may assign. Additionally, your support will also be used to fund CAWI’s campaigns on issues relating to landlessness, workers’ rights, occupational hazard and safety, women, and migrants.

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