Because agricultural manual labour is often seasonal employment, job insecurity among farm-workers is chronic and prevalent. Their irregular and insecure employment restrains them from effectively organizing for decent wages and better working conditions. According to the ILO: (1) agricultural workers are among the groups with the highest incidence of poverty in many countries; (2) only 5 per cent of the world’s 1.3 billion agricultural workers have access to any labour inspection system; (3) the majority of waged agricultural workers are excluded from social protection; and (4) probably less than 10 per cent of the world’s waged agricultural workers are organized and represented in trade unions or rural workers’ organizations.

Programme of Action

  • Lack of political independence of trade unions
  • No legislated and implemented living wage
  • No equal wages based on gender, ethnic background, resident status
  • Rights to housing and land, education for workers’ children
  • Right to work for 6 hours, right to overtime pay beyond 6 hours
  • Practice of seasonal, casual or part-time work
  • Social security and health benefits– lacking opportunities for child care and reproductive rights
  • Child labour and unavailability of child education and care
  • Organise independent trade unions
  • Lobby, advocacy and action research
  • Awareness campaigns for workers’ rights both locally and nationally.
  • Bringing issues to upper management & policy makers via policy dialogue or campaigns
  • National strikes
  • Strengthen national laws and reforms, campaigns
  • Campaign on the Right to Work and Employment
  • Campaign on coverage of agri workers and migrant workers under national labor law
  • Campaign against criminalization or harassment of agri workers or their leaders for asserting their rights
  • Develop a regional campaign
  • Study C110 (plantation convention) and draft a common position and launch action research accordingly, using it as a platform for education and campaigns
  • Coordinated campaign on issues of oil palm plantation workers – one
    policy advocacy issue being RSPO
  • Simultaneous protests
  • Identify common campaigns, protest actions
  • Organize common campaign on May Day
  • C188 (work in fishing convention) – study and draft plans


International Labour Standards for Plantation Work
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International Labour Standards for Plantation Work

Safety and Health in Agriculture
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Safety and Health in Agriculture

SARD and Agricultural Workers
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SARD and Agricultural Workers



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